Photographing a Volkswagen Golf during sunset


July, 2019

Cars | Sunset | Google Pixel

The Volkswagen Golf is a very popular and iconic car. I stopped to take some quick sunset photos while out for a late evening drive.

My parents has owned a new-ish model for a few years now and they have been pleased with the ownership thus far. While out for a drive late one evening I parked the car on the side of the road and whipped out my trusty Google Pixel to take some pictures. Here's the result of the little and quick photoshoot!

I know the Pixel camera very well and I know that it is an insanely reliable shooter. The first image (the one to the left) is completely untouched and straight from camera and the second image (the one to the right) is edited using the "Accentuate" filter in Google Snapseed.

Volkswagen Golf under the sunset.Photographed by Vegar Henriksen using a Google Pixel XL.

As per usual the Google Pixel did a great job capturing the wide color space of the scene. The filter in Google Snapseed further enhanced these colors to make the image pop and look more appealing. The filter might be a tad overdone, but it for sure is social media worthy.

How do you think the photos turned out? Please let me know down below! Thank you so much for reading!