Photographing a BMW 320D during sunset


May, 2019

Cars | Sunset | S10+

The BMW 320d from earlier is back and this time it is under the sunset instead of the dark. Adding to the mix I also tried to shoot this using my Samsung Galaxy S10+.

I photographed this BMW 320d late last year in the dark. but now it is time to photograph it under some proper light. It is alto time to test the capabilities of the S10+. The BMW now has a black grille in the front and new rims and it looks a lot better. Without further ado, let's give this a crack!

I have played around quite a bit with the S10+ so far, so I know the camera and what it needed to get some crispy shots. I also really like how versatile it is with the three lenses. I mainly shot auto during this shoot, but some shots are also from the pro mode. The photos are also unedited and straight from camera. Let's dive in!

BMW 320d under the sunset.Photographed by Vegar Henriksen using a Samsung Galaxy S10+.

I think the S10+ did a great job under these conditions. I'm very pleased about the pictures turned out and look forward to more shoots with it. I also want to repeat myself by emphasizing how much I like the versatility of having three cameras! It opens up many possibilities and allows you to get shots you normally can't get.

How do you think the photos turned out? Please let me know down below! Thank you so much for reading!