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October, 2019

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The camera on smartphones has come a long way since first introduced. Every company pours huge resources into developing the best shooter, but which one is actually the best?

To me, this question is highly subjective and depends on a million factors and shooting conditions. Some phones excel in some areas and some in others. Websites like DXOmark tests smartphone cameras and then gives them a score based on how well it performs. This score is being placed on a chart where you can see the scores of other smartphones. I would however take this score with a grain of salt, but not totally discard it.

Today I have an interesting experiment. I have done something like this before on my YouTube channel where I put the Huawei Mate 20 Pro head-to-head with the Google Pixel XL without saying which pictures came from which phone. Now I am back with another round. This time it is the following contenders:

Google Pixel XL (2016) | iPhone X (2017) | Samsung Galaxy S10+ (2019)

Do you know which photo came from which phone? Do you know which characteristics and details to look for? How sharp is your eye?

Without further ado, here is the same scene shot on the three different phones. Full auto, no tap to autofocus.

Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel image

The first image is A, the second is B and the third is C

Higher quality images can be found here: A | B | C

As you can see, all three phones produce great looking shots and are definitely very capable shooters. It might be hard for the untrained eye to differentiate them and makeout which is which, but there are a few different thing to look for.

The biggest one in the scenario is the sky. One phone blows out the highlights and loses a ton of details. Another phone keeps it much better together and is only ever so slightly a little overexposed. The last phone perfectly preserves the sky. You can see all the clouds while still seeing shadows and the entire color spectrum of the sky. Insanely impressive.

Results |

Click the three dots to reveal the phone.

Image A is the ...

Image B is the ...

Image C is the ...

Are you surprised? Did you get it right? Comment down below to let me know how you did. Thank you so much for reading!