Android Q adds built-in screen recorder


March, 2019

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Android Q finally introduces a built-in screen recorder and it is amazing.

Third party screen recorder applications have existed for a really time, but now Google is adding a built-in screen recorder to Android. In order to activate it you need to be a developer on your phone. You can become a developer by going to Settings -> About phone and then tapping the build number until you are a developer. Then you need to go to Settings -> System -> Developer options and then to feature flags. From here you need to toggle a function called "settings_screenrecord_long_press".

Now you need to press the power button until you see the buttons appear. Then you need to long press the screenshot button. A popup will appear where you can start recording. Another popup tells you that System UI will capture the screen and then you will get a notification with controls. This is what the screen recorder in Android Q looks like:

Toggle the screenrecorder under feature flags.Screenshot: Android Q
Long press the power button and then the screenshot icon.Screenshot: Android Q
A screen recorder appears.Screenshot: Android Q
System UI notice.Screenshot: Android Q
Notification with controls.Screenshot: Android Q
Notification telling you the recording has been saved.Screenshot: Android Q
Screenrecorder in action.Screenshot: Android Q

A built-in screenrecorder is something I have been wanting in Android since forever. It's fantastic to see it finally make its way into Android with Q. It works great, is easy to access and the quality is superb. Awesome!

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Thank you so much for reading!