Android Q brings Material Theme to the files app


March, 2019

Pixel | Android | Beta

Android Q brings material theme to the native files app.

The files app in Android is an important app because it's the gateway to all your files. The files application is getting a Material Theme overhaul with the latest Q beta. Rounded corners, new icons and a cleaner UI is a part of the update. I have attached multiple screenshots of the redesign down below and of course it sports a dark mode in true Android Q fashion! Looks great.

You can filter files by type.Screenshot: Android Q
Filtering by images.Screenshot: Android Q
Overflow menu.Screenshot: Android Q
You can see bug reports.Screenshot: Android Q
Google Drive integration.Screenshot: Android Q
You can see system traces.Screenshot: Android Q
Internal files.Screenshot: Android Q
What it looks like if you have no files.Screenshot: Android Q
Search functionality. Screenshot: Android Q

What do you think about this material theme overhaul? Let me know down below!

Thank you so much for reading!