Android Q brings system-wide dark mode


March, 2019

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Android Q allows you to join the dark side and it is very dark.

Custom ROMs and other takes on Android has featured system-wide dark modes for years. Even Google has been playing with a system-wide dark mode since the early days of Android, but it has never made its way to the release. However, Google recently encouraged dark mode in apps to help with battery life and they have slowly been updating their own applications with dark mode. You can see the full list of Google applications wide dark mode here.

Android 9 Pie brought a partial dark mode where you could set the theme from light to dark and it would change some aspects of the UI like the tiles in the quick settings. Now Google is taking it to a whole other level by going pure black instead of dark gray some places. AMOLED screens turn off the pixels when they are pure black and this will most certainly not only be easier on the eyes but also help squeeze a little bit more out of your battery. Let's take a look!

Google Discover dark mode.Screenshot: Android Q
Quick settings/tiles dark mode.Screenshot: Android Q
Notifications are dark as well.Screenshot: Android Q
App drawer also has a dark mode.Screenshot: Android Q
Settings are finally dark.Screenshot: Android Q
Settings feature a dark mode.Screenshot: Android Q

There is currently no way to toggle between light and dark mode. This means that if you upgrade from Pie with light mode you will be stuck with light mode in Android Q. If you upgrade from Pie with dark mode you will be stuck with dark mode in Android Q. Well, of course this isn't entirely true. Because this is Android there is always an ADB command to switch between the two. Take a look here for more information

What do you think about finally getting a system-wide dark mode? Let me know down below!

Thank you so much for reading!