Android Q app info gets an overhaul


March, 2019

Pixel | Android | Beta

Android Q overhauls app info with statistics and renames 'disable' to 'uninstall' for system apps.

App info in settings gets an overhaul with Android Q. It now sports statistics for notifications, new layout and new icons. What used to be 'disable' is now 'uninstall'. It also adds a new shortcut to open the app. This is exactly what it looks like in the latest beta of Android Q:

Notification statistics.Screenshot: Android Q
'Disable' is now 'uninstall'.Screenshot: Android Q
Still shows as disabled.Screenshot: Android Q

Subtle changes that cleans up the UI and makes buttons clearer to understand. While it doesn't actually uninstall the apps it probably makes more sense to the regular consumer instead of disable. Let me know down below what you think about these changes!

Thank you so much for reading!