Android 11 brings API for apps to mute notifications while recording video


February, 2020

Android 11 | Beta | Developer Preview

The first Android 11 Beta introduces a new API that apps can use to mute notification buzzes while recording video.

Have you ever experienced that your perfect video clip has been ruined by vibrations from notifications? Well, this is about to change as Google is introducing an API that app developers can adopt to mute annoying notifications while recording video. Wohoo!

The Android Developers site explains the API as follows:

"Beginning with Android 11, when actively using the camera, your app can mute only vibrations, both sounds and vibrations, or neither using setCameraAudioRestriction(). "

We have already seen that Google Camera is testing a "Do Not Disturb" function, but this API will allow others apps to 'easily' adopt this function.

What do you think about the option to mute annoying notifications and vibrations while using the camera? Please let me know down below! Thank you so much for reading!