Android 11 blocks apps from nagging for permissions


February, 2020

Android 11 | Beta | Developer Preview

The first Android 11 Beta introduces a function that blocks apps from repeatedly asking for permissions.

Nothing is more annoying than popups disrupting your content or viewing experience. Google has added a feature in Android 11 that blocks apps from repeatably asking for your permission to use different components such as microphone, location or camera.

The Android Developers site explains the feature as follows:

"Android 11 discourages repeated requests for permissions in a specific permission group. If the user taps Deny twice for a specific permission during your app's lifetime of installation on a device, this action implies "don't ask again" for the corresponding permission group.

The system also defines behavior for responding to actions that emulate a tap of the Deny option:

  • If the user presses the back button to dismiss the permission dialog, this doesn't count as a "deny" action.
  • If the user is taken to system settings from your app using requestPermissions() and then presses the back button, this does count as a "deny" action."

What do you think about this feature addition in Android 11? Please let me know down below! Thank you so much for reading!